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2022-06-22: In the words of tennis great Serena Williams, “I really think a champion is defined not by their …

2022-06-18: 今日和高中的同學分享坊間各種筆記軟件的優缺點及特質。

2022-06-14: Trying Clover app lately, like promising.

2022-06-14: “Some people would rather suffer the consequences of procrastination than the humiliation of trying …

2022-06-08: “Creativity is about connections, and connections are not made by siloing everything off into its …

2022-06-07: “‘My work speaks for itself,’ but the truth is, our work doesn’t speak for itself. Human beings want …

2022-06-06: “Your task here is to break inertia and gain momentum.”—Peter Hollins, Finish What You Start #book …

2022-06-01: “If you plan your day the night before—making a to-do list and spending a few minutes visualizing …

2022-05-31: “A skilled explainer learns to see the intent behind the question and formulate an answer that …

2022-05-30: “Getting Real delivers just what customers need and eliminates anything they don’t.”—Jason Fried, …

2022-05-29: “Our goal won’t be to avoid such obstacles—that’s impossible—but to prepare for when they …

2022-05-23: “Promises pile up like debt, and they accrue interest, too. The longer you wait to fulfill them, the …

2022-05-21: “Transforming their work into something of your own is how you flatter them. Adding something to the …

2022-05-17: Finally I can try the Github CodeSpace.

2022-05-11: “Share what you love, and the people who love the same things will find you.”—Austin Kleon, Show …

2022-05-11: “He did not just copy ideas or quotes from the texts he read, but made a transition from one context …

2022-05-09: 孩子返學,大人放假,一年沒有多少天這些真正的放半日假日子。

2022-05-09: “where the term Intentional Goal Setting comes from: focusing on your purpose, not your end …

2022-05-05: 我的 Python 班上最常畫的圖,由第二堂畫到第十二堂也是它。

2022-05-04: Oh. 37signals becomes 37signals again.

2022-05-01: 讀《豐盛心態》

2022-04-30: Nintendo Sport, bought. Downloading.

2022-04-29: “People aren’t working longer and later because there’s more work to do all of a sudden. People are …

2022-04-26: Logseq 和 Obsidian 的分別:

2022-04-26: Using Logseq again after quit using it for months.

2022-04-26: “The two most important things we can do are to allow ourselves to be seen AND to really see …

2022-04-17: 和大兒子玩鐵道任務。Ticket to Ride time.

2022-04-16: 今日下午:被動收入經驗分享。

2022-04-15: 海戰棋時間。

2022-04-08: “Overthinking is so tempting because it mimics progress.”—Peter Hollins, Finish What You Start …

2022-03-18: “Another way to mitigate procrastination is to start in small, easy increments.”–Peter Hollins, …

2022-03-17: “Ship less features, but quality features.” –Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson, Matthew …

2022-03-11: focused mode and defuse mode “neuroscientists have been making profound advances in understanding …

2022-03-09: “First, remember your connection to life. Second, remember your power to make your own happiness. …

2022-03-08: Me, last weekend, sharing passive income.

2022-03-02: Snaps on the road walking to work.

2022-03-01: “And that is the goal of visuals in the context of explanation: they make ideas memorable and …

2022-02-28: Relax in park at noon.

2022-02-26: Board game evening: Puerto Rico.

2022-02-23: Information factory, knowledge building, and output.

2022-02-19: Home studio.

2022-02-18: Finished the last lecture for 2022 first python class. Next goal is to finish the PHP class and …

2022-02-16: A relax classroom for learning and thinking.

2022-02-16: Lunch: Special hand-made burger at Macao Atomy center.

2022-02-15: Finished Python lesson 11 for 2022-Jan class. Today’s topic: Matplitlib.

2022-02-15: My crypto-com VISA card arrives! The feeling of holding it is great with the metal. So far most …

2022-02-13: Trying Russian cuisine in Macao.

2022-02-11: Hi again, I’m back to micro.blog.

2021-02-25: Trying Amplenote In this month, I have been using a note taking app called Amplenote. It is like a hybrid of Roam and …

2021-02-25: Reading: The only metric that matters But there is one metric that’s always on my mind. …

2021-02-24: Reading: How money dictates design decisions If you’re currently using a service that …

2021-02-21: Finally bought my second Apple Watch, since 2015 April.

2021-02-21: Peaceful night in Macao.

2021-02-16: 東望洋合影。

2021-02-14: The world flipped.

2021-02-14: Park time.

2021-02-12: 大年初一登高去。

2021-02-12: Homemade pizza.

2021-02-08: An afternoon with sons, Minolta, Fujifilm C200.

2021-02-06: Nice addition to my pocket camera: simulating a film shooting experience.

2021-01-31: A street in Macao.

2021-01-28: New wireless microphone.

2021-01-27: Maintaining an old website that uses Foundation 3.2.5. The docs site was not online anymore, so …

2021-01-23: Yummy lunch.

2021-01-23: Preparing for today’s VueJS class.

2021-01-23: Currently at home, working.

2021-01-22: My favorite park in Macao.

2021-01-22: Enrolled into edX Statistics and Data Science MicroMaster program.

2021-01-22: Finished another Python lesson, on counting the most frequent words in Alice in Wonderland.

2021-01-21: Suddenly I get a HomePod mini for my room.

2021-01-20: Log-and-forget I have a myself-only slack workspace to log down all the encounters and thoughts every day. So that …

2021-01-20: The Subaru I bought 5 years ago.

2021-01-19: Teaching Pandas and Numpy today.

2021-01-19: Visiting City U Macao.

2021-01-19: My wife’s bakery.

2021-01-18: After 10 years of using Evernote on and off repeatedly, I’m back using Evernote again.

2021-01-17: All WordPress posts since 2016 imported successfully. Now importing Tumblr posts from 2010 to 2015.

2021-01-17: First time my micro.blog only imported posts fro 2016. Now I’m importing Wordpress post from …

2021-01-17: A web project that I designed 10 years ago. makzan.tumblr.com/post/4681…

2021-01-17: A nice Saturday afternoon.

2021-01-16: How I Generate Slides From Markdown I use Deckset to generate plain text content ,code snippets, and images together into a slides PDF …

2021-01-15: To Explore Chunk-size Knowledge For My Teaching Material Creation What if I make every bit of information for my teaching lessons into chunk-size knowledge. It both …

2021-01-15: late dinner at home.

2021-01-14: Created my first channels on Odysee. The next step is to really create my teaching materials into …

2021-01-14: 1 Minute Of Lesson Learnt Every Day I had an idea of “a minute a week, learn web design a bit” project which I paused. And …

2021-01-13: Reading Profit First, on doing one thing well. Your time is valuable. You can make more money by …

2021-01-13: Reading Profit First The easiest way to increase profit is to cut expenses, not sell more. Take a …

2021-01-13: Reading Profit First. The first step is to use the new accounting formula, sales minus profit …

2021-01-13: Reading Profit First. One of the biggest flaws of traditional accounting (sales minus expenses …

2021-01-13: Reading: Difference between 50M vs 25M vs 16M bitrates www.dpreview.com/forums/th… If you are shooting a static subject with no fine detail, the …

2021-01-13: Reading: State of JS 2020 2020.stateofjs.com

2021-01-13: Working on an assignment for a Coursera course.

2021-01-13: Reading: You Don’t Need a Wiki – Being Content with Your Software • Zettelkasten Method Even …

2021-01-13: Hello Podcast. A short podcast to kick start. Not knowing what exactly I will share in this micro-cast yet. May be …

2021-01-13: Going micro.blog premium.

2021-01-13: After a week migrating my micro blog to micro.blog, time to decide which plan to go. To be Premium …

2021-01-12: Finished another python web scraping lesson.

2021-01-12: Just realized that tumblr is still active. Mine was makzan.tumblr.com.

2021-01-10: Current home screencast recording setup.

2021-01-07: Trying the Movavi Video Editor. Looks promising, even when I am already using Premiere and Final Cut …

2021-01-07: Learning: Roam themes: how to style Roam Research with custom CSS - Ness Labs

2021-01-06: Finished another iOS dev lecture on building hybrid web and native application.

2021-01-06: Demonstrating using accessibility’s Dynamic Type for web content in WKWebView inside iOS app.

2021-01-06: My every day time blocking and time logging.

2021-01-06: Importing my microblog archive from Wordpress since 2016. The first two posts: …

2021-01-06: Hello world. I have heard about micro.blog for years but haven’t got a chance to give it a try. And …

2020-08-18: A glimpse of my office desk

2020-08-17: Python script to check which buses are coming

2020-08-16: Desk at home.

2020-08-05: 炙燒芝士蛋糕

2020-07-31: Turtle-shape chocolate bread made by my wife

2020-07-18: Hush Music Festival

2020-06-29: Nice afternoon sky.

2020-06-21: Sunny family time.

2020-06-19: My latest home screen.

2020-06-18: Teaching selectors for Python web scrapping.

2020-06-14: Latest home workspace. Cleaner with less visible cables.

2020-06-14: Playing the Photoshop Camera app

2020-05-30: Recorded an 11ty collection & data usage demonstration

2020-05-29: Latest workspace at office

2020-05-21: Productivity tips by founder of Skillshare

2020-05-20: Bought MonoLisa font

2020-05-20: Nice afternoon in Macao

2020-04-27: My latest home screen

2020-04-11: Latest home workspace

2020-03-18: I love pixel art so much!

2020-03-17: Masters of Pixel Art books arrive

2020-03-15: Teaching my son to play Cosmic Express

2020-03-07: My current Timestripe overview

2020-03-07: Updated my profile picture

2020-03-06: Makzan.live becomes Makzan.net/microblog https://makzan.net/microblog

2020-02-29: CSS Drawing: Bear

2020-02-28: After years, I still love using the original fiftythree pencil.

2020-02-28: Got the W3Cx Introduction to Web Accessibility certificate

2020-02-26: Rhymo Dominos time.

2020-02-25: CSS Drawing: Phone

2020-02-25: Added bookmark lists to makzan.blog

2020-02-22: Charging the solar powered battery

2020-02-22: Drawing time.

2020-02-16: Digital bullet journal using GitHub Issues

2020-02-15: 愛叮16年,展望91年

2020-02-10: First time using Eleventy and already fall in love with 11ty.

2020-02-09: Nice afternoon

2020-02-08: Playing Press Here The Game.

2020-02-05: Playing Hello Ruby with 1.5 year-old son.

2020-02-02: Homemade bread by my wife.

2020-02-01: 讀《精準用腦》筆記

2020-02-01: Key take away of the book I just read.

2020-02-01: Finished the book about reducing errors happening.

2020-01-31: Created a CSS only tabs by using radio inputs and flexbox.

2020-01-31: Updated makzan.net home page copywriting a little bit.

2020-01-29: Part of my notebooks.

2020-01-28: Added all existing content to CSS WordPress book

2020-01-27: Table of Content for the CSS Effects Book I.

2020-01-25: Continue working on my CSS effects book.

2020-01-21: 聞名已久的南機場夜市

2020-01-21: Family time in Taipei.

2020-01-17: My son is typing my freewrite.

2020-01-13: Created a draft version of border-radius playground.

2020-01-11: Reading time: 李小龍《生活的藝術》

2020-01-11: Teaching flexbox layout.

2020-01-08: Updated makzan.blog layout

2019-12-30: Learning How to Learn deck https://makzan.net/learning

2019-12-30: Two new books from Spain. Fun and inspiring.

2019-12-29: What is better than having one good keyboard? Have two of them. One for office and one for home.

2019-12-29: Upgraded my home workspace setup with a notebook stand.

2019-12-27: Two day mini vacation

2019-12-24: Latest home work space setup.

2019-12-18: I like this card most in the Learning How to Learn deck.

2019-12-18: Made some process on the Learning How-to Learn deck.

2019-12-18: Creating the Learning How-to Learn deck.

2019-12-08: Latest home screen with essential apps only and within each to reach area.

2019-11-29: Three monitors setup at home.

2019-11-29: Testing SimplyStatic plugin for WordPress to static conversion It works well so far although the plugin has not been updated for 2 years.

2019-11-29: My latest home screen.

2019-11-28: Tried WP2Static but failed Trying to export my makzan.blog into static site to host on Netlify. Using the WP2Static plugin but …

2019-11-24: 太陽能電筒

2019-11-23: Good weather at Macao.

2019-11-22: Congratulations Godkin!

2019-11-20: One of my son’s daily drawing.

2019-11-19: 夜遊澳大

2019-11-19: My daily planner sheet explained.

2019-11-04: My first time here.

2019-11-03: I’m back from Israel. Nice place and amazing Dead Sea.

2019-11-02: Masada heritage.

2019-11-01: Touring in Jerusalem.

2019-11-01: Beer time next to the Mediterranean Sea.

2019-10-31: 沉思

2019-10-31: Nice view at Tel Aviv University.

2019-10-30: Cyber Horse at Tel Aviv University.


2019-10-29: Tel Aviv in the morning.

2019-10-29: Arrived Tel Aviv.

2019-10-25: Finished reading Keep Going by Austin Kelon. 👍🏻👍🏻 East to digest and lots of take away advices.

2019-10-23: My favorite watch face.

2019-10-23: Re-building the Apple gradient border icon in CSS.

2019-10-23: My son’s faked computer time.

2019-10-22: Covering my iPhone so that I can focus on the work.

2019-10-22: My routine every day.

2019-10-21: New books to read.

2019-10-20: Birthday cake with dark chocolate and whisky.

2019-10-18: Updated index of Makzan.net to focus on newsletter.

2019-10-15: My son is watching NLP video and obviously what he wants is Peppa Pig.

2019-10-09: It's tomorrow! Mobile web technologies skill competition for Macao students.

2019-10-06: Latest home screen, daily used apps only grouped by colors.

2019-10-06: My son is drawing on flip chat.

2019-10-06: Created a shortcut for quick image posting

2019-10-06: Taught 12 year-old about nested list and drop down menu yesterday.

2019-10-06: 教育電視時間

2019-10-06: My son’s drawing

2019-10-04: The place I walk by everyday when going to office.

2019-09-14: Weekend workshop

2019-09-13: Mid-Autumn festival

2019-09-07: Lunch at home

2019-09-06: Trying the Apple Music for Web beta beta.music.apple.com

2019-09-06: WorldSkills Kazan 2019 Opening

2019-09-04: Web technologies family

2019-09-04: Latest home screen

2019-08-16: The view outside of my hotel in Kazan.

2019-08-10: At the river side

2019-08-08: Family trip

2019-08-07: Working at late night

2019-08-03: Stuffs I brought home from New York

2019-08-02: After using the pocket size for years, it’s time to use the medium size Leuchtturm1917 notebooks

2019-08-01: Visiting the lovely MoMA Store

2019-07-31: Nice Zuppa Toscana soup at Olive Garden

2019-07-31: Back to the future

2019-07-30: “No day shall erase you from the memory of time ” — Virgil

2019-07-30: Selfie with Manhattan landscape

2019-07-30: South Ferry park

2019-07-30: Subway

2019-07-30: 一蘭拉麵 @ NYC

2019-07-28: Breakfast time

2019-07-28: Visiting the MET

2019-07-27: Walking in the city

2019-07-27: Arrived NY

2019-07-26: The discovery bay at Hong Kong

2019-07-26: Nice sunset

2019-07-26: At Epic Land yesterday

2019-07-25: Going to Hong Kong today

2019-07-23: My 4 year old son built this LEGO for my desktop decoration

2019-07-23: My notebooks

2019-07-23: My recent productivity tools usage

2019-07-20: Trying the DEVONThink 3.0 beta The DEVONThink can be a very good information management system. The 3.0 comes with modern UI and …

2019-07-20: Elekron: World class performance

2019-07-20: Screenflow is still my favorite app to edit screencasts

2019-07-20: The LEGO way to play LEGO tower

2019-07-19: Walking to work in Macao is nice journey

2019-07-16: Playing LEGO tower

2019-07-15: Bought a great new book

2019-06-15: Th place where I grew up at

2019-06-09: A wonderful bookstore: Júbilo 31 https://jubilo31books.com/about

2019-06-02: My kids are learning MatPlotLib

2019-05-28: Writing on iPad with Working Copy + iA Writer

2019-05-15: A Korean style lunch.

2019-05-14: Family in LEGO

2019-05-12: My favorite square in Macao.

2019-05-08: New books for my kids.

2019-05-07: Comparing OneNote and Day One as journals Day One stores my memories and OneNote as my daily scratchpad.

2019-05-07: Giving OneNote a second try: much better now.

2019-04-30: A tree on the road to my office.

2019-04-29: Teaching web scrapping with Python.

2019-04-29: New makzan.net using the Ponder theme from Paul Jarvis

2019-04-29: Using a mix of analog and digital approach to manage my daily goals.

2019-04-28: Latest home screen

2019-04-28: Just realized that my Instagram feed is not longer sync to Makzan.live. And that may be good because I don’t want to rely on social network indeed.

2019-01-31: When both iPad and Surface sits together, I use the Surface.

2019-01-30: Sent out the weekly update for week 4.

2019-01-29: http://who.makzan.is ??

2019-01-29: Writing my timeline. Inspiring from Chris Coyier’s timeline.

2019-01-26: Standing desk setup in hotel.

2019-01-26: Most wonderful night this week in Kazan. Thanks my friends.

2019-01-25: Nice swimming time.

2019-01-24: So cold outside in Kazan.

2019-01-24: Here it is the Kazan expo.

2019-01-24: Russian is such a unique place.

2019-01-24: Vodka time.

2019-01-23: Makzan in Kazan: 思考人生

2019-01-22: Really nice pancakes in Kazan.

2019-01-21: Skills for the future.

2019-01-21: It's snowing Kazan.

2019-01-21: Checking in

2019-01-20: Have been looking forward to the WorldSkills competition preparation week.

2019-01-17: Fine-tuning the styling of my WordPress Pressbooks based web-book.

2019-01-17: Exploring Pressbooks to write my next book in WordPress instead of Markdown approach.

2019-01-17: Gladys allows me to hold a zip file and upload it elsewhere, without saving it to persistent file system.

2019-01-09: Productivity home screen for 2019.

2019-01-08: It's delightful experience to use Things.

2019-01-08: And always love the CultureCoded website. Full of detail polishes and subtle illustrations.

2018-12-29: Hotpot for cold weather.

2018-12-29: Distraction-free morning.

2018-12-29: The movie for Christmas holiday.

2018-12-28: A reading evening.

2018-12-25: Thinking...

2018-12-24: Nice view.

2018-12-24: Nice place.

2018-12-23: 好味雪糕

2018-12-23: 感受一下台中花卉博覽會

2018-12-22: 台中港三井 outlet

2018-12-17: Reading 1984's Macintosh manual.

2018-12-17: 好友午聚,多多時間也不夠。

2018-12-16: 隔天把大兒子補上

2018-12-15: Working with 2 iPads together

2018-12-14: Latest workspace at office.

2018-12-13: Got my Canopy copy.

2018-12-11: Received Sping at Macao from Ethos. Can't wait to read it.

2018-12-09: Like this taste.

2018-12-07: Work at bookstore.

2018-11-29: Latest Home Screen.

2018-11-24: And idea to teach front-end web development class on iPad.

2018-11-23: How I type and draw on the iPad.

2018-11-23: Why iPad 12.9? Because it allows 2 iPad portrait mode together.

2018-11-23: My latest home screen.

2018-11-23: To make my eyes less tired, I reduce white point on iPhone display via accessibility setting.

2018-11-23: Testing multiple-cursors on GoCoEdit for iPad.

2018-11-23: A quick v-diary that's purely created on iPad.

2018-11-23: Making a diary movie on iPad.

2018-11-22: Simon hover transition.

2018-11-22: Coding CSS demo on iPad.

2018-11-16: Yummy

2018-11-14: 想換 iPad

2018-11-06: Successful: Setup a Scrivener to markdown to Leanpub to PDF workflow.

2018-11-05: Updated CandyAndThomas.com

2018-11-04: And this is a gem I found in my previous writings.

2018-11-04: Just realized that I wrote many in previous years.

2018-11-04: Beautiful drawing by my 3-year-old son.

2018-10-28: Inspiring Skills Excellence.

2018-10-27: Web design training, is it?

2018-10-24: New calendar printed for 2019.

2018-10-24: 自拍,重點在背景

2018-10-23: Today's topic: Size class.

2018-10-22: 意式素食

2018-10-21: Yummy.

2018-10-20: MZ LEGO figure.

2018-10-20: JS Benchmark test.

2018-10-20: 超正的生日禮物🇲🇴

2018-10-20: Sketches

2018-10-18: The past, present and future of web technologies.

2018-10-18: Oktoberfest 2018

2018-10-16: A quick lunch today.

2018-10-14: 情侶裝。

2018-10-14: Typing with my son on arms.

2018-10-13: Closing ceremony.

2018-10-13: iOS 開發秘笈

2018-10-12: It's closing ceremony of mobile web design skill competition tomorrow.

2018-10-12: Finally Dropbox business has camera upload feature after a long wait.

2018-10-11: Mobile web design skill competition.

2018-10-06: Yesterday's iOS class.

2018-10-06: 👍🏻 Highly recommended. 頂呱呱之作

2018-10-05: A current task pomodoro setup

2018-10-04: Today’s topic: Database.

2018-10-02: Created a workflow to write books in Basecamp and export to web reader and Leanpub PDF.

2018-10-01: Ready, set, go!

2018-10-01: Family day.

2018-09-30: LEGO time.

2018-09-30: Like it.

2018-09-30: “Enjoy a cup of happiness”

2018-09-30: Reading for October.

2018-09-30: Love it!

2018-09-29: Haircut done.

2018-09-26: Replaced a new keyboard, Touch Bar, display, cover lid, battery. Literally a new MacBook Pro in 2016 spec.

2018-09-25: at Apple store.

2018-09-24: This will force me to upgrade my watch.

2018-09-23: 唔夠錢換錶,只能夠換錶面。

2018-09-23: I'll soon need the 512GB of iPad Pro.

2018-09-22: An abnormal afternoon.

2018-09-21: My shortcuts.

2018-09-13: 娜菲揚翀月餅配果茶

2018-09-12: Selfie.

2018-09-10: New (Old) wallpaper.

2018-09-08: draw.mz-lab.com is a tiny whiteboard for quick sketch.

2018-09-05: A count down in my Quip.

2018-09-04: Home workspace, with a Surface Go companion.

2018-09-04: 破費的一天

2018-09-04: A story book with smell mechanism. Nice way to let readers immerse.

2018-09-01: Nice evening with best friends.

2018-09-01: Writing on ferry.

2018-08-30: 手痕畫兩筆。

2018-08-30: My home workspace setup.

2018-08-29: I'm missing my inbox.

2018-08-28: I sticked the technical description on my desk.

2018-08-27: Today’s topic in product design.

2018-08-27: Found a photo of young Makzan.

2018-08-26: Teaching how service workers work.

2018-08-24: Testing the new Day One audio recording feature.

2018-08-22: Teaching 3D transform.

2018-08-22: Had a nice evening at Guangzhou.

2018-08-21: 珠江

2018-08-20: Working at hotel lobby. It is a productive boost when battery level acts as count down.

2018-08-20: Adding illustrations to the equipments list of web design skill.

2018-08-19: Two of my favorite patterns from Marimekko.

2018-08-19: Today's key speech: Master webpack from inside out.

2018-08-19: I love Larkin's presentation style.

2018-08-19: Great talk from creator of Kepler.gl @heshan_cheri

2018-08-19: Attending the Frontend Day event.

2018-08-19: Watching the Greatest Showman again.

2018-08-18: Book store again.

2018-08-18: 廣州中心

2018-08-18: 感受一下喜茶嘅魅力。

2018-08-18: Bought a book about Marimekko history.

2018-08-18: Working in rail.

2018-08-16: Teaching mobile-first grid to my students.

2018-08-15: 可獨立挺直每支筆。

2018-08-15: Built a LEGO pen holder for my 3 most used pens.

2018-08-14: Finding inspirations under typhoon.

2018-08-14: Missing signal 3.

2018-08-13: The moon.

2018-08-12: 爆肝備課,一晚出四大份 slide

2018-08-12: 我也快暈倒了⋯

2018-08-11: 【流心蛋黃黑芝麻蛋糕】 從來未食過咁好食嘅蛋糕! 堅 .好.食!

2018-08-11: 三代同堂. My oldest kindle is still working well.

2018-08-10: I like the welcome experience when buying Kindle directly from Amazon.

2018-08-09: Bought an iMac stand to make my office desk more organized.

2018-08-08: 每一啖都好感動!

2018-08-08: Bought the Greatest Showman movie after watching it on plane.

2018-08-06: Just ordered Kindle Oasis. My Voyage’s screen was broken for months.

2018-08-05: 😍LEGO

2018-08-04: Web technologies that compose Web Applications.

2018-08-04: Working at airport.

2018-08-04: Planning the next HTML5 course for web developers.

2018-08-03: Good bye Orlando. It’s a wonderful week here.

2018-08-02: 當有心買醉,便必定會醉。

2018-08-02: Dreaming to the dark and it’s time to wake up.

2018-08-02: “Lights will guide you home And ignite your bones”

2018-08-02: “When you feel so tired but you can't sleep Stuck in reverse”

2018-08-02: Things to do when waiting for my student to compete the adobe design competition.

2018-08-02: Heavy rain at outlet.

2018-07-31: It’s Today! ACA championships!

2018-07-29: Source of inspirations.

2018-07-29: Hi again, Earl of Sandwich.

2018-07-29: Excited

2018-07-29: someone is over cooked on the bus.

2018-07-28: 將酒店房變成書房

2018-07-24: Thanks! Lovely!

2018-07-24: I still like the elegance of Foundation's float grid. [foundation.zurb.com/sites/doc...](https://foundation.zurb.com/sites/docs/grid.html)

2018-07-24: Different CSS grids approaches I created in the past. [codepen.io/makzan/pe...](https://codepen.io/makzan/pen/mpqmVy) …

2018-07-23: Teaching CoreData development.

2018-07-19: Testing the Outlinely app.

2018-07-16: Not a good sign.

2018-07-15: Typical Sunday.

2018-07-15: Non-typical Sunday.

2018-07-13: Setting up my iPad Pro and SSH workspace.

2018-07-13: 大潭山下

2018-07-13: Macbook Pro 15 好貴

2018-07-11: I think in paper.

2018-07-08: Also updated makzan.net to include my book list

2018-07-08: Updated my Mobile First Web Design 1st Edition page

2018-07-08: Pizza time.

2018-07-07: 父子裝🍼

2018-06-29: Nice evening in front of my home.

2018-06-29: My favorite gadgets.

2018-06-28: Found some old chat logs with my wife.

2018-06-28: 手動搬檔案 Rename 冇咁嬲。

2018-06-27: Writing every day’s lesson learnt.

2018-06-27: Rename folders in Dropbox is always painful.

2018-06-25: Finally can sync notebooks in 53 Paper.

2018-06-22: Writing how I use Things, Bear, Dynalist and Baron Fig notebooks every day.

2018-06-21: The jetfoil that flys above sea.

2018-06-20: Latest office workspace setup.

2018-06-20: These Baron Fig notebooks are enough of a year usage.

2018-06-20: Yeah, I gain access to my Instagram account again.

2018-06-19: Find differences.

2018-06-17: Nice night out.

2018-06-17: At VTC T-hotel.

2018-06-17: Coffee time.

2018-06-15: My son is reading.

2018-06-14: Teaching Auto Layout size-class in iOS dev class.

2018-06-11: Working at home with my new-born son.

2018-06-09: Recently reading: Master your time, master your life.

2018-06-09: Recently reading: Master your time, master your life.

2018-06-07: My decision making and thinking system.

2018-06-07: First batch of Baron Fig notebooks arrived.

2018-06-05: My screen time analytics, not good.

2018-06-05: Reading at hospital with my wife who’s waiting to give birth.

2018-06-03: Newsletter 50 sent.

2018-06-01: Setup a workflow to quickly combine images horizontally

2018-05-31: Taken while we were in Oslo.

2018-05-30: Teaching app-like CSS

2018-05-29: Tea time

2018-05-29: Time flies

2018-05-28: Great that Ulysses 13 has mono space code block with syntax highlighting.

2018-05-27: 2011 was the first year that I taught in my home school

2018-05-26: Another React class finished.

2018-05-26: Prepared for tonight’s ReactJS class

2018-05-25: Recorded UI flow demo with Codeginiter PHP

2018-05-25: Bought more Baron Fig soft-cover notebooks

2018-05-24: Another writing boost time.

2018-05-23: My right side of AirPods seems to be damage

2018-05-22: Updated makzan.live theme a little bit

2018-05-22: 有朋自遠方來

2018-05-22: New version of makzan.net: Single call-to-action button

2018-05-22: Another day writing at home.

2018-05-22: Updating makzan.net

2018-05-21: My next book after CSS3 effects is CSSGrid.website

2018-05-21: Still waiting for my shipment of Baron Fig notebooks

2018-05-20: Teaching the single direction from data to view rendering

2018-05-20: Updating my CSS3 book every day.

2018-05-20: #48 Newsletter, Done.

2018-05-20: By using redirects, I can make short-links for my code examples

2018-05-19: Writing the getting start guide for WorldSkills completion.

2018-05-19: Preview of my up-coming CSS3 effects book

2018-05-19: My first expert badge in WorldSkills

2018-05-19: The Highland 2 looks promising, but Ulysses is the go-to for iPad/Mac writing

2018-05-19: Working at home, both of us

2018-05-18: New book cover for my upcoming CSS3 book

2018-05-16: Teaching how buttons should look like buttons.

2018-05-16: Cold brew time

2018-05-15: Nice meet-up with Roy

2018-05-13: When battery runs out, it is time for city exploring

2018-05-13: Writing this week’s newsletter

2018-05-13: Good mood when listening to this

2018-05-13: Productivity is boost when the battery acts as a count down.

2018-05-13: I dreamt of buying Baron Fig notebook at local store Because I’m running out of the Vanguard notebooks now.

2018-05-13: Teaching data-view separation in JS

2018-05-10: A draft post on the getting real book format.

2018-05-10: Writing at home

2018-05-10: Another class of cross-platform development with React

2018-05-09: Failed to subscribe for the Vanguard notebooks

2018-05-09: Updated makan.net and migrated all blog posts in makzan.blog

2018-05-08: I wrote this last year on focusing on present and what we have.

2018-05-08: Wrote a lot today with the new notebook

2018-05-07: Thanks Offscreen, I love this Baron Fig notebook.

2018-05-07: What a surprise from Offscreen. My favorite dotted notebook.

2018-05-06: My 2.5 years old son is drawing on Paper app

2018-05-06: Leisure time

2018-05-06: How I merge real notebook and digital notebook

2018-05-05: Time for some updates.

2018-05-05: Teaching the flow from design (explore) to programming (down hill)

2018-05-05: Steps from design to web application

2018-05-03: Hand writing in Paper is awesome.

2018-05-03: Home time.

2018-05-02: Rails Paperclip gem to convert thumbnail’s transparent background to white instead of black Paperclip::Attachment.default_options[:convert_options] = { :all => '-background white -alpha …

2018-05-01: Preview of the Web Visual Effects with CSS3 book

2018-05-01: Son time.

2018-04-28: Screen coordinate with left hand indication

2018-04-28: Running out of ink. Time for a rest.

2018-04-28: Hand writing the CSS3 notes

2018-04-28: Coding examples for my upcoming CSS3 book.

2018-04-28: Coding a subtle parallax hover example

2018-04-28: Finished lecture slides for tomorrow’s CodeIgniter class

2018-04-27: A screenshot of working at home while watching the How We Work

2018-04-27: My productivity piece of paper.

2018-04-27: A mobile-only website that’s not accessible in desktop browser Very bad example. What’s worse? The text is there, but you can’t read them.

2018-04-26: Reading: How to reduce your carbon footprint https://www.nytimes.com/guides/year-of-living-better/how-to-reduce-your-carbon-footprint

2018-04-26: 1x1px.me: A tiny tool to get a 1x1px PNG: http://www.1x1px.me/

2018-04-25: Playing the 4-connect-4 that’s invented by my friend

2018-04-24: On Using Harvest app I use Harvest to count not only work time with clients but also work done for myself. This allows me …

2018-04-24: Writing Chinese version of the Web Visual Effects with CSS3

2018-04-24: What’s worse than a desktop-only website? It prevents zooming. [wpvideo aLQs6a0M ]

2018-04-24: A presentation done wrong: too many text, low contrast, thin font-face

2018-04-23: Reading the updated Markua specification.

2018-04-22: Created a collection on Codepen dedicated for my upcoming CSS3 book.

2018-04-21: A 6-lecture plan on iOS development for beginners

2018-04-21: A nice afternoon combination: Coffee and reading.

2018-04-21: Finished season 1 of Lost in Space.

2018-04-20: Sketching storyboard for my class teaching.

2018-04-20: My favorite cheese wafer.

2018-04-20: Son time.

2018-04-20: Readings for my weekend.

2018-04-20: Micro comments on individual answer in my workbook system

2018-04-20: Added color code to my knowledge base system

2018-04-20: Picked up an old iOS game to play

2018-04-20: Favorites on my office desk

2018-04-19: Hello JunkDraft

2018-04-19: Latest home screen

2018-04-18: Teaching random number generation

2018-04-18: Yellow and purple

2018-04-18: Getting Real—The book that’s full of inspirations even after a decade

2018-04-16: A zoo on my desktop

2018-04-16: Photo day with my son and wife.

2018-04-13: Beer time.

2018-04-13: Rails cache_key [guides.rubyonrails.org/v4.0/cach...](http://guides.rubyonrails.org/v4.0/caching_with_rails.html)

2018-04-12: Writing the up-coming #43 newsletter

2018-04-11: Teaching customizing segue in iOS development

2018-04-10: Philosophy of React

2018-04-10: Teaching ReactJS

2018-04-07: 後巷的面包舖

2018-04-07: Cantonese food 豬潤腸粉

2018-04-07: UI Action Flow example for delete post and recovery

2018-04-07: Teaching UI Action Flow

2018-04-07: Reading: Uphill uncertainty https://m.signalvnoise.com/running-in-circles-aae73d79ce19

2018-04-07: Basecamp 3 has link to Dropbox now Nice feature on top of their Google Drive link.

2018-04-06: iOS class on navigation controller and web view

2018-04-05: Scanning old negative films

2018-04-03: Another VueJS class

2018-04-02: The deck for game design

2018-04-02: Found an old video camera

2018-04-01: Updated my CSS3 book with new structure

2018-03-31: Draft outline of my upcoming Web Visual Effects with CSS3 book

2018-03-30: Recently I made a private tweet-like feed to log my personal thoughts

2018-03-30: Writing CSS3 effects course slides

2018-03-30: Testing the speaker of LG UltraFine 4K.

2018-03-30: 好鬼馬

2018-03-29: Read: Bringing Back Skeuomorphic Design – Prototypr

2018-03-29: Latest workspace at office.

2018-03-27: Workspace at home, after cleaning up

2018-03-26: Cannot use /statuses rails routes in Nginx server The /statuses routes is resolved by Nginx level instead of Rails application.

2018-03-26: New workspace setup at home with 4K monitor

2018-03-25: Hello kaleidoscope

2018-03-24: Teaching CodeIgniter

2018-03-23: A quick virtual DOM lecture to my students.

2018-03-22: Lunch in an artistic Korean restaurant.

2018-03-21: Teaching a iOS counting game.

2018-03-20: Next web developers.

2018-03-20: From slides to video.

2018-03-17: 澳門一角

2018-03-17: Baby’s first musical experience.

2018-03-17: 何東圖書館

2018-03-16: Latest iOS screen. One page.

2018-03-15: Latest workspace.

2018-03-11: Reading: Opportunity costs http://mailchi.mp/pjrvs/opportunity-costs?e=d968cc4069

2018-03-11: This app is so lovely.

2018-03-11: Afternoon tea

2018-03-11: Roasted pork and egg sandwich

2018-03-11: 南屏雅敘

2018-03-09: Looking forward to WorldSkills Kazan 2019

2018-03-09: It has been 3 years since WorldSkills São Paulo

2018-03-09: Creating a web book format for my next CSS3 effects take-away book.

2018-03-03: 蝴蝶酥

2018-03-02: A bottle of cold brew.

2018-03-01: My idea on next generation video learning

2018-02-25: My workspace at home

2018-02-24: An idea to present web design technique in CSS animated scenes

2018-02-24: Listing the features that @fiftythree breaks in Paper 4

2018-02-24: Drafting the layout improvement to ModernWeb.Design classroom

2018-02-22: The street I love most in Macao.

2018-02-22: NYTimes: A Greyhound Racetrack Meets Its Demise When I was kid, I went there for sport activities and family lunches. https://nyti.ms/2CafflF

2018-02-21: Selfie with 17mm wide film toy camera in 2007.

2018-02-21: Next book to read: Death.

2018-02-21: Watching the “On Writing Software Well” series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5i1gdwe1Ls&list=PL3m89j0mV0pdNAg6x9oq6S8Qz_4C-yuwj

2018-02-18: Reading—A Mind For Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science http://a.co/1fTtFOJ

2018-02-17: Family gathering.

2018-02-16: 年三十晚.媽閣

2018-02-16: 年初一出車

2018-02-16: 媽閣

2018-02-14: Coding different text highlight effects with CSS

2018-02-12: My first Huawei product.

2018-02-07: Had a productive afternoon at cafe in Da Nang.

2018-02-07: Working at Cong Caphe.

2018-02-07: Coding at Da Nang beach-view hotel

2018-02-07: Bought a lamp in Hoi An

2018-02-06: An evening at Hoi An

2018-02-06: Funny banner: Thank you for paying attention

2018-02-06: When iCloud fails....

2018-02-05: coffee time

2018-02-03: My home school.

2018-02-01: Reading: The Origin of Stimulus https://stimulusjs.org/handbook/origin

2018-01-31: Reading: We decided to kill a feature to figure out how to make it better https://m.signalvnoise.com/we-decided-to-kill-a-feature-to-figure-out-how-to-make-it-better-8d543a58 …

2018-01-29: Reading: Craftsmanship—The Alternative to the Four Hour Work Week Mindset https://hackernoon.com/craftsmanship-the-alternative-to-the-four-hour-work-week-mindset-e464a2dd34f4

2018-01-27: PWAs are coming to iOS 11.3: Cupertino, we have a problem https://medium.com/@firt/pwas-are-coming-to-ios-11-3-cupertino-we-have-a-problem-2ff49fd7d6ea

2018-01-23: 再遊西湖

2018-01-23: 惠州西湖

2018-01-20: My book that teaches how to build isometric virtual world.

2018-01-17: Reading: Everyone’s a copywriter. Right? – Clare Barry – Medium https://medium.com/@ClareBarry/everyones-a-copywriter-right-4dbbac741a4d

2018-01-16: Last lecture of cross-platform app development class.

2018-01-15: My Steve Jobs figure is back.

2018-01-14: An old library in Macao.

2018-01-14: Thanks @victorlamhk for the T-shirt.

2018-01-12: Bought MarsEdit Very nice Wordpress editor on Mac.

2018-01-12: Subscribed to NYTimes 50% off for first year membership.

2018-01-10: Wondering what not-unlimited updates means.

2018-01-07: Nice afternoon with Carol and friends.

2018-01-07: Carol Stay True mini concert 2018.

2018-01-06: Teaching CSS Grid areas.

2018-01-06: A quick demo on using Adminer to manage MySQL [vimeo.com/249828810](https://vimeo.com/249828810)

2018-01-05: Rohdesign Dispatch: Logbook Your 2018 http://mailchi.mp/rohdesign/rohdesign-dispatch-european-sketchnote-tour-2523233?e=4212d62054

2018-01-05: An idea that add voice over to any DOM element.

2018-01-05: Listening to Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity by Kim Scott https://www.audible.com/pd?asin=B01MZ6RMS4&source_code=ASSORAP0511160006

2018-01-05: An idea on explaining any web content by adding audio and animated highlight.

2018-01-05: The previous Smashing Magazine responsive strategy.

2018-01-04: Thanks Timepage!

2018-01-02: I never miss an issue of Offscreen. Great magazine.

2018-01-01: My 2018 goals.

2018-01-01: A very nice start of day.

2018-01-01: In China, a Three-Digit Score Could Dictate Your Place in Society | WIRED https://www.wired.com/story/age-of-social-credit/

2017-12-31: CSS Grid, first step.

2017-12-31: “You are like stars, not always seen but forever there.”

2017-12-31: Pizza night.

2017-12-31: A very good movie for holiday family time.

2017-12-31: My son plays letters like bricks.

2017-12-31: Sending love message with BoogieBoard.

2017-12-31: Esport will become official in Asian Games in 2022.

2017-12-31: Watching McDull.

2017-12-31: Does Medium come with audio narration now?

2017-12-30: Watching Up at home.

2017-12-30: Building my workflows.

2017-12-30: Created a Workflow: Combine Photos https://workflow.is/workflows/5d6aee55ac6245429526bad7164136f9

2017-12-29: Bought this for my coming baby.

2017-12-29: Writing WorldSkills guidebook for web design trade

2017-12-28: Coffee time.

2017-12-28: Wedding

2017-12-28: Friend’s wedding

2017-12-27: CSS3 class: Teaching the different usages between border radius 1px, 2px and 3px.

2017-12-27: Created a workflow to quick sharing the last photo to makzan.live.

2017-12-27: Setup a workflow to quick share latest photo to makzan.live.

2017-12-27: Hello Penna keyboard.

2017-12-27: 謎之盒到手

2017-12-24: Thai food dinner.

2017-12-23: Teaching CSS transform

2017-12-21: Kaya Toast in Macao.

2017-12-20: At Kowloon Park.

2017-12-20: Dinner

2017-12-19: Deep sea blue for my fountain pen.

2017-12-18: Next book to read: Principles.

2017-12-18: Daygram I’m using Daygram again. My last entry was 2017 January. Let see how long I keep writing diary this …

2017-12-17: Teaching box-sizing yesterday.

2017-12-15: My Current Mac Dock

2017-12-15: 這次千萬不要手滑。

2017-12-14: A Vue App Scene Demo https://s.codepen.io/makzan/debug/WdvbRd

2017-12-13: Self-made calendar 2018.

2017-12-12: Reading: Designing a Personal Knowledgebase – A Curious Mix http://www.acuriousmix.com/2014/09/03/designing-a-personal-knowledgebase/

2017-12-12: Feeling sick

2017-12-11: Finished lecture 4 of JS web app class https://modernweb.design/decks/16

2017-12-11: Trying Scrivener 3

2017-12-11: Trying the new Mars Edit 4

2017-12-10: After using both Inkflow and Noteflow, I like the original Inkflow more.

2017-12-10: 10 December, 2017 15:27 The friction when drawing on paper is something iPad Pro + pencil can’t provide.

2017-12-10: JS app strategy

2017-12-09: 一人在廣州

2017-11-26: The nature of big data.

2017-11-25: Domain Renewal Notice: sheepinbox.com(Expires On:12/10/2017) Cancel the domain. Begin forwarded message: From: "renewals> Date: 25 November 2017 at 2:01:11 PM …

2017-11-25: Lunch.

2017-11-23: 澳門立法會直播

2017-11-23: Nice lunch.

2017-11-21: an idea to improve my makzan.live posting flow.

2017-11-19: Macau Grand Prix day.

2017-11-18: Another teaching day at my home school.

2017-11-17: QQ for the chicken year.

2017-11-17: Hi QQ

2017-11-16: Beer rocket.

2017-11-16: Lorem Ipsum since 1985

2017-11-16: Trip to Shenzhen

2017-11-15: Taiwan food lunch.

2017-11-13: Nice rice.

2017-11-13: Dinner

2017-11-12: Reading Enders game again

2017-11-11: Bought a nice laptop for my father.

2017-11-11: Great time to think.

2017-11-04: Reading “Brief”

2017-11-04: 築地直送

2017-11-04: Map

2017-11-04: My home school.

2017-11-02: Seems to be in a foreign country.

2017-11-02: Golden Coast HK.

2017-11-01: 雲吞麵

2017-11-01: Getting Things Done on sale $1.99 https://www.amazon.com/Getting-Things-Done-Stress-Free-Productivity-ebook/dp/B00KWG9M2E

2017-10-30: 登高

2017-10-28: Doodling.

2017-10-27: My current desktop.

2017-10-25: Reading: Let’s Enhance! How we found @rogerkver’s $1,000 wallet obfuscated private key https://medium.freecodecamp.org/lets-enhance-how-we-found-rogerkver-s-1000-wallet-obfuscated-private …

2017-10-24: Updating my switch.

2017-10-23: Reading: The Multiverse Is Inevitable, And We’re Living In It https://medium.com/starts-with-a-bang/the-multiverse-is-inevitable-and-were-living-in-it-311fd1825c6

2017-10-21: The future web designer.

2017-10-21: Flowers.

2017-10-21: Dinner.

2017-10-20: Bye ADNEC. I had good memories here working with people all over the world.

2017-10-20: Web design gold medal in WorldSkills Abu Dhabi.

2017-10-20: Nice view from my hotel in Abu Dhabi.

2017-10-20: I made it! WorldSkills GOLD!

2017-10-20: Go for GOLD! Macao!

2017-10-19: The closing of WorldSkills AbuDhabi 2017.

2017-10-17: WorldSkills Competition Day 3

2017-10-12: Web design and development skills

2017-10-09: Turkish coffee

2017-10-08: Slide inside shop.

2017-10-08: Coffee time in Yas mall.

2017-10-08: 5 days to go.

2017-10-08: Etihad Tower.

2017-10-08: Stop, and then go Abu Dhabi.

2017-10-07: My new record in Mario Kart.

2017-10-07: Moving up in the time trial ranking.

2017-10-07: Haircut.

2017-10-02: Reading: I’ve seen the future, it’s full of HTML. – Mikeal – Medium https://medium.com/@mikeal/ive-seen-the-future-it-s-full-of-html-2577246f2210

2017-10-01: One crash a day. Seems to be Microsoft Office.

2017-09-30: Then it hangs at boot up.

2017-09-30: High Sierra crashes again.

2017-09-27: A quick draw on boogie board.

2017-09-27: APFS container, erase.

2017-09-27: Installer can’t detect Magic Mouse and keyboard. Switching back to wired inputs.

2017-09-27: Reverting my iMac from APFS to HFS+

2017-09-26: First time to know WeChat scanner can scan GS1 barcode.

2017-09-26: This is bad example of contrast and font size when making slides. Totally unreadable.

2017-09-23: What’s better than a boogie board? Two.

2017-09-22: Reading: DxOMark's iPhone 8 Plus camera review. I'm buying an 8 plus for my wife because of the camera (and big screen). …

2017-09-22: Reading: AI-Powered Standing Desk It does everything for me and I don't leave the table the whole day. No exercise. No excuse. …

2017-09-22: Fruit from Korea.

2017-09-22: Thinking how to organize fragmented information.

2017-09-21: Current workspace.

2017-09-20: Did some tests on iPhone X effective display area vs. 8 and 8 plus.

2017-09-20: Reading Review: The iPhone 8 camera https://techcrunch.com/2017/09/19/review-iphone-8/

2017-09-14: Reading: Apple Has Lost Its Charm – Noah Halford – Medium https://medium.com/@nhalford/apple-has-lost-its-charm-66d94e2152c7

2017-09-13: Reading: Every JavaScript framework tutorial written more than 5 minutes ago https://medium.freecodecamp.org/every-javascript-framework-tutorial-written-more-than-5-minutes-ago- …

2017-09-08: Reading: One of the USA's largest credit checking companies has been totally pwned https://thesizzle.com.au/sizzleshare/3653

2017-09-08: Safari tips: Just found that long press on the + icon shows a list of recently closed tabs.

2017-09-07: India joins the Hyperloop hype train https://thesizzle.com.au/sizzleshare/3646

2017-09-05: Pixelmator Pro sounds promising. http://www.pixelmator.com/pro/

2017-09-04: My favorite area in Macao.

2017-09-01: iOS 11 can detect content in QR code image system wide.

2017-09-01: Today’s read: Block Chain

2017-08-29: Sync Concepts app. Just found that I can’t sync my drawings.

2017-08-27: Going back home from the front end development conference in Beijing.

2017-08-20: 💍 故事平淡 但當中有你 已經足夠

2017-08-18: 流晒口水⋯

2017-08-15: Lunch.

2017-08-12: MOS / ACA Gathering

2017-08-12: I’m inside the 1920s Scythe world.

2017-08-12: I’m ready. Scythe.

2017-08-12: Gathering.

2017-08-06: Wish our friendship forever.

2017-08-06: Choosing the next color to use.

2017-08-06: Listening to 我的自由 (My Freedom)

2017-08-06: Going back home.

2017-08-04: 4 August, 2017 11:41 2837 有心事, 陪你傾到六點二

2017-08-04: At UCLA Library.

2017-08-04: Run Forrest Run.

2017-08-01: Oh this is Pluto.

2017-08-01: Hi Goofy!

2017-08-01: Oh I broke my S7.

2017-08-01: Planning for tomorrow’s Disneyland and California Adventure day.

2017-07-31: ACA Championship! Go For Gold!

2017-07-31: Hellowood Hollywood.

2017-07-30: I like the Earl Sandwich.

2017-07-30: Visiting California Science Center.

2017-07-26: 放假一星期,最掛念這個。

2017-07-26: ★ Public Service Announcement: You Should Not Force Quit Apps on iOS ★ Public Service Announcement: You Should Not Force Quit Apps on iOS The single biggest …

2017-07-25: Sharing iCloud storage with family. Now my 2TB is shared across family members. They are switched to “free” plan …

2017-07-25: The Basecamp-flow.

2017-07-25: 這筆會上癮。

2017-07-24: Testing Basecamp’s sketch feature.

2017-07-24: 轉會

2017-07-24: 广州和深圳是怎么跻身「北上广深」之列的? - 知乎 https://www.zhihu.com/question/21078649

2017-07-24: Awfully chocolate.

2017-07-24: 一連說了五小時普通話。

2017-07-24: Thinking.

2017-07-23: Very nice restaurant.

2017-07-23: Very nice restaurant.

2017-07-23: Very nice restaurant.

2017-07-23: Very nice restaurant.

2017-07-23: Very nice restaurant.

2017-07-23: Sharing session

2017-07-22: Reading Elon Musk’s wiki page.

2017-07-20: 高雄駁二 誠品生活館

2017-07-20: 滷味博物館

2017-07-20: 高雄龍虎塔

2017-07-20: Writing on the bus.

2017-07-20: Very nice gathering!

2017-07-19: 追星一族。

2017-07-18: Relax 不忘 Standing Desk.

2017-07-18: Taking 360 video at the beach.

2017-07-17: 小琉球的悠閒生活。

2017-07-15: Checking how far away from Disneyland to University Studio.

2017-07-15: Blue sky in Macao.

2017-07-14: So cool! Finally I can create text files and edit them in Dropbox app. Waited this for so long time.

2017-07-14: An iPhone stand.

2017-07-14: Writing my next essay on web app vs. native app development

2017-07-12: Salad dinner 🥗

2017-07-12: Analog life. Writing on notebook is still important to me even I own so many digital products.

2017-07-11: Writing in iPad on Web Accessibility

2017-07-11: Traveling back to Gothenburg through Apple Map’s flyover.

2017-07-11: Every noon, I get a surprise and delicious meal.

2017-07-11: "Fixed Dvorak keyboard" That’s important to me.

2017-07-10: Here it is. Smart Keyboard.

2017-07-09: Considering to buy the keyboard.

2017-07-08: In the Scythe world.

2017-07-07: Selfie.

2017-07-07: Under-the-jack A tiny flat bag with MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, Pencil, Nintendo Switch, wallet, umbrella, keys and …

2017-07-05: Delicious salad lunch.

2017-07-05: Oh wow! Gorgeous device.

2017-07-04: Hello AR

2017-07-04: Yummy NaviCooks

2017-07-04: Who’re still using Dashboard on Mac?

2017-07-03: WS2017 First Course Finished

2017-07-02: Web design learning path

2017-07-02: Mercator projection

2017-07-02: JS router vs PHP router

2017-06-30: Apple map flyover with iOS 11 AR.

2017-06-30: Teaching PerchCMS.

2017-06-30: Teaching PerchCMS in class. Thanks to it¡¯s new local trial license. I can use it in class.

2017-06-30: Beginning Git Version Control by Makzan https://leanpub.com/beginning-git-version-control

2017-06-29: Home.

2017-06-29: Cloud technology and user experience

2017-06-29: iPad Pro is still smooth when streaming to Apple TV and writing notes.

2017-06-29: Books in my office.

2017-06-28: Lunch time.

2017-06-28: Installing Mac OS on an old external hard disk.

2017-06-25: 梅酒

2017-06-25: 網站設計小隊

2017-06-23: 美感,從細開始培養。

2017-06-23: Selfie.

2017-06-23: to JS or not to JS.

2017-06-22: 有咩比一部 iPad Pro 更 Pro?就係兩部 iPad Pro

2017-06-22: True tone and non-true tone in iPad Pro.

2017-06-22: Simplicity.

2017-06-22: Hello iPad Pro 10.5

2017-06-21: 46 分鐘是什麼概念?

2017-06-21: Oh it’s me.

2017-06-21: Home entertainment

2017-06-21: Lunch

2017-06-21: I thought it was 012345.

2017-06-20: Reading the history of WorldSkills https://www.worldskills.org/about/history

2017-06-20: My latest standing workspace at home.

2017-06-20: Robot found in science museum.

2017-06-19: This is how I type in iPad portrait mode

2017-06-18: Giving my iPad Air 2 a second life.

2017-06-17: VPET Conference.

2017-06-11: iOS 11 x iPad Pro is powerful.

2017-06-11: A city that's waiting for me to discover more.

2017-06-10: 暫別上海,下回再來

2017-06-06: Opening ceremony for China International Skills Competition 2017.

2017-06-06: 2TB iCloud

2017-06-05: Plane delay. Switch time.

2017-06-05: Trip started.

2017-06-05: Going to Shanghai for China International Skills Competition.

2017-06-05: Very nicely crafted website.

2017-06-04: 12年後。

2017-06-04: Web design students.

2017-06-04: Another WorldSkills class.

2017-06-02: Preparing for the Shanghai trip.

2017-06-02: Dinner time.

2017-05-29: Web class

2017-05-29: Every time I go to book store, I must buy books.

2017-05-28: Inside AdWords: Powering ads and analytics innovations with machine learning https://adwords.googleblog.com/2017/05/powering-ads-and-analytics-innovations.html?m=1

2017-05-28: Insight and Foresight.

2017-05-27: Lunch time.

2017-05-25: Dinner time.

2017-05-25: Celebrating anniversary vimeo.com/218917126

2017-05-23: The Big Web Show: 148: Web Design in 2016 with Jeremy Osborn of Aquent Gymnasium The Big Web Show: 148: Web Design in 2016 with Jeremy Osborn of Aquent Gymnasium …

2017-05-22: Self portrait

2017-05-21: The meaning of human existence.

2017-05-21: Coffee time

2017-05-20: Another web server MVC lecture.

2017-05-20: Revamping the deck presentation in my Modern Web Class.

2017-05-19: Beautiful Things 3.0

2017-05-16: Again.

2017-05-16: Subscribed The Sizzle https://thesizzle.com.au/

2017-05-14: Happy Mum.

2017-05-14: My latest iPhone home screen.

2017-05-13: Addicted

2017-05-13: Idea on logo painting game

2017-05-13: Game design class

2017-05-12: My knowledge base in Basecamp.

2017-05-10: That's beautiful cake flowers!

2017-05-10: Reading this pixel art book.

2017-05-10: Visiting library of Macao University.

2017-05-07: My latest iPhone wallpaper.

2017-05-07: Mario kart lunch.

2017-05-06: Badminton noon.

2017-05-06: Video: my latest Mario Kart record vimeo.com/216146824

2017-05-06: Inspirational weekend.

2017-05-05: Every day, I write on my notebook.

2017-05-05: Reading: Removing Distractions: Part 2 [www.dancounsell.com/articles/...](https://www.dancounsell.com/articles/removing-distractions-part-2 …

2017-05-05: Reading: My Development Toolset 2017 for iOS [medium.com/ios-os-x-...](https://medium.com/ios-os-x-development/my-development-toolset-2017-for-io …

2017-05-05: Reading: Basecamp's handbook on deleting all company data when across border. https://github.com/basecamp/handbook/blob/master/international-travel-guide.md

2017-05-02: Mario kart time.

2017-04-29: 難得的兩日半假。

2017-04-28: I hate Samsung’s edge screen that keeps accidentally touching the screen.

2017-04-28: Everything is blue.

2017-04-28: Under be Jack, v1.0 vs. v2.0.

2017-04-28: Lunch

2017-04-27: Lunch

2017-04-27: Lego

2017-04-27: Next notebook. 2 months to fill one.

2017-04-26: That’s why I hate Google’s navigation.

2017-04-26: Lego time.

2017-04-24: Had a nice day in Macao Science Center

2017-04-21: Reading: YOU THINK YOU CAN’T BE PHISHED? [hackaday.com/2017/04/1...](https://hackaday.com/2017/04/19/you-think-you-cant-be-phished/)

2017-04-21: Watching: TED: How radio telescopes show us unseen galaxies [www.ted.com/talks/nat...](https://www.ted.com/talks/natasha_hurley_walker_how_radio_telescopes_show …

2017-04-21: Reading: Go back to design fundamentals. [medium.freecodecamp.com/before-yo...](https://medium.freecodecamp.com/before-you-can-master-design- …

2017-04-21: Reading: Dropbox’s illustration history [medium.com/dropbox-d...](https://medium.com/dropbox-design/illustrating-a-more-human-brand-part-1-e …

2017-04-20: WorldSkills Web Design Macao mid-test

2017-04-20: Hope to be able to create and edit plain text files in Dropbox directly. Not the separated Paper.

2017-04-20: Box-sizing demo [wpvideo GsgaRqH1]   codepen.io/makzan/pe…

2017-04-19: Foundation Block Kits http://foundation.zurb.com/building-blocks/kits.html

2017-04-19: Glad that Dropbox can now sync Mac file’s tags and comments.

2017-04-19: Let's StarCraft!

2017-04-19: Starcraft 1 is free now. https://starcraft.com/en-us/articles/20674424

2017-04-19: Reading: How Google eats a business whole https://theoutline.com/post/1399/how-google-ate-celebritynetworth-com

2017-04-18: VR time.

2017-04-18: Coffee time.

2017-04-17: VR music. Come look Piano Club at: http://www.vr-sessions.com/piano-club

2017-04-17: Drawing from my 1.5 years old son.

2017-04-17: Company trip during Easter. https://theta360.com/s/pQxP8aW8wCNcUwOd6XePP6LGG

2017-04-15: 桂林

2017-04-14: 廣西

2017-04-14: Trip to china.

2017-04-13: The jetfoil that flys above sea.

2017-04-12: Had a nice debate on foundation vs bootstrap with students.

2017-04-12: Giving XMind a try.  

2017-04-12: Lunch time.

2017-04-12: AutoDraw? I like drawing with personality.

2017-04-12: My personal book library with highlights.    

2017-04-12: Still waiting for the TextBlade  

2017-04-12: lego time.

2017-04-11: Double row of books in office

2017-04-11: Google Keep service not available now Status: …

2017-04-11: Oh! Retina iMac doesn’t support Target Display Mode.

2017-04-10: Cables for Target Disk mode and Target Display mode.

2017-04-10: After attending lego serious play, I bought this.

2017-04-10: jQuery STA 三部曲  

2017-04-10: Writing teaching material for jQuery Selector and Traversing functions.  

2017-04-10: It’s me teaching PHP and MySQL.

2017-04-09: Good morning.

2017-04-09: Apple Clips app in iPad doesn't even allow both portrait modes. Disappointed.

2017-04-08: New toys.

2017-04-08: Lunch time.

2017-04-08: Listening to podcast: Animating the web.

2017-04-07: First try on Apple clips [wpvideo 9OC1S3Ew]

2017-04-06: Downgrade again  

2017-04-05: The fault of vpet-whkc2017 2017 年,做個網站全版幾乎空白,淨係得個 Flash,然後寥寥幾行內容,用到各自四層 Bootstrap div 裝住。再加圖片完全唔落 alt (即係瀏覽器理解為裝飾性,非內容,內容處理上直接無 …

2017-04-04: Testing Google Keep as my note taking app.

2017-04-04: Studio city.

2017-04-04: First time I'm here.

2017-04-04: Explaining the role of JavaScript.

2017-04-03: Found myself in the patrons list.

2017-04-03: Offscreen: update complete.

2017-04-03: Workbook on ModernWeb.Design gets a better look.  

2017-04-02: Bookmarked 3 links on typography [blog.justfont.com/2013/05/p...](http://blog.justfont.com/2013/05/popular-tyography-1/)  …

2017-04-02: Japanese milk ice cream with cheese cake inside.

2017-04-02: Setting up Zapier to count my emails and posts.  

2017-04-02: Keep adding teaching material to my ModernWeb.Design

2017-04-01: Ping pong time.

2017-03-31: The goal of life.

2017-03-31: Make it happen.

2017-03-31: LEGO series play

2017-03-31: Reading: The Deck, Adieu “When I started writing Daring Fireball in 2002, there really weren’t any established ways for a …

2017-03-31: The flash mini games website that I used to play a lot. [www.ferryhalim.com/orisinal/](http://www.ferryhalim.com/orisinal/)

2017-03-30: Building a community for the first time.

2017-03-30: A nicely designed world clock app.

2017-03-30: Van Gogh's self portrait. http://www.getdailyart.com/22121/self-portrait

2017-03-30: MoWebCamp.com Just set this up for Macao’s local web community.

2017-03-30: Spicy lunch

2017-03-30: Will use Lobsters’ rails codebase [github.com/jcs/lobst...](https://github.com/jcs/lobsters)

2017-03-30: Creating a community for Macao Web Designers It will be a hackernews inpsired community for local web designers and students.

2017-03-29: Email to BC3 memo document. Just created a zap to turn email plain text into my Basecamp inbox folder.

2017-03-29: iOS 10.3 makes the iPhone much smoother.

2017-03-29: parser.zapier.com Zapier email parser is interesting.

2017-03-29: Whats "Internet".

2017-03-29: Testing Zapier with Image again This time, it could work.

2017-03-29: Testing Zapier with Image Ideally, the script could auto-tweet my wordpress post with or without image.

2017-03-29: Testing Zapier Still testing zapier’s auto-tweet feature.  

2017-03-29: Testing something  

2017-03-29: Unread app is few app that restores the state after app gets killed.

2017-03-29: Codepen Share: Tab-like navigation border-radius + negative margin. https://code.makzan.net/posts/2017-03-28-tab-like-navigation.html …

2017-03-29: 29 March, 2017 08:16

2017-03-29: 29 March, 2017 08:14 I should change the Zapier to use a-linked image instead using the low-res thumbnail for twitter …

2017-03-29: Reading: What killer Flash http://daringfireball.net/linked/2017/03/28/what-killed-adobe-flash

2017-03-29: Every evening, Due app reminds me to take a screenshot of homescreen.

2017-03-29: 2 Zaps for conditional auto-tweets Post content with image and without image.

2017-03-29: Zapier setup to auto post wordpross micro-blog to twitter.  

2017-03-28: Codepen share: Tab-like navigation border-radius + negative margin. https://code.makzan.net/posts/2017-03-28-tab-like-navigation.html

2017-03-28: Tea time with chocolate pie.

2017-03-28: Listening to Design For Real Life with Eric Meyer. The Big Web Show: 144: Design For Real Life with Eric Meyer https://overcast.fm/+I_8pjHCo

2017-03-28: Start paying Github again. Was using BitBucket.

2017-03-28: Upgrading an old Mac mini to latest OS.

2017-03-27: Keep non-done things in mind leads to negative pressure.

2017-03-27: 1 day trip to Hong Kong.

2017-03-27: Learned the delay short code of Wordpress post by mail.

2017-03-27: Just learned that I can delay Wordpress post when post by email.

2017-03-27: Going to give Zapier a deeper trial on how it fits my workflow.

2017-03-26: Trying to make the home screen clean enough for the wallpaper

2017-03-26: Good toy for my son

2017-03-26: Book clip

2017-03-25: Additional JS added to makzan.net Record in case I lost it. function setObjectPosition(){ …

2017-03-25: Thinking how to handle fragment information

2017-03-25: Funny time [wpvideo k9yB3mlq]

2017-03-25: Lunch today.

2017-03-25: From 10.7 to 10.12

2017-03-25: Welcome back to 2012.

2017-03-25: Restoring MacBook Air 11

2017-03-25: Bought a new theme for makzan.net

2017-03-25: Bought a new theme for makzan.net

2017-03-25: New wallpaper.

2017-03-25: Teaching the difference of Wordpress com and org

2017-03-23: Listening: Going Responsive with Karen McGrane

2017-03-21: CloudFront, SSL and CodePen Project Just setup CloudFront with Amazon’s SSL to serve CodePen Project. https://code.makzan.net Here is …

2017-03-21: Trying to build a front-end website on Codepen Project Built my tiny project there: …

2017-03-20: Codepen Project I’ll love this.  

2017-03-15: You may say I’m a dreamer. [embed width="480" …

2017-03-14: 14 March, 2017 11:16

2017-03-13: Playing Kingdom  

2017-03-12: Tea time 好香的喬麥茶。

2017-03-12: The HTML is forgiveness The diff between application and HTML web technology: The HTML is forgiveness.

2017-03-10: It was me in WorldSkills

2017-03-08: Continue playing Egg Inc.

2017-03-06: My son is playing with mechanical keyboards.

2017-03-06: Reading: Which is better, ConvertKit or MailChimp? https://medium.pjrvs.com/which-is-better-convertkit-or-mailchimp-f7252289166e#.rmfb7av3m

2017-03-05: Eggs

2017-03-04: The Web Ahead: 116: Preserving the Architecture of the Web with Stefan Tilkov The Web Ahead: 116: Preserving the Architecture of the Web with Stefan Tilkov …

2017-03-02: The support of external .textbundle format makes the Ulysses useful for my current working workflow.

2017-02-24: Switzerland pair

2017-02-23: "This" is procrastinating.

2017-02-22: Wednesday Dispatch Writing my Wednesday Dispatch for my WorldSkills students.

2017-02-18: Next book to read

2017-02-17: Makzan.me

2017-02-16: Lunch time

2017-02-16: PWA and Now.sh Now.sh could be a quick lab for testing Progressive Web Application. It serves on SSL, runs on …

2017-02-16: Dropbox Paper Presenter I like the auto divide feature in the Dropbox Paper Presenter. Can I make something similar in my …

2017-02-15: Reading: Do Purpose.

2017-02-15: Lunch time.

2017-02-14: Screen during Lunch time

2017-02-14: Coding the CandyAndThomas.com

2017-02-14: Getting real, the best book I have read in this decade.

2017-02-14: 六國語言

2017-02-14: Valentine cookies

2017-02-13: How many cloud storage I have?

2017-02-13: Missing connection between Dropbox Paper and Storage 🤔 The missing connection between Dropbox Paper and Files is the game breaker.

2017-02-12: Pixel tree

2017-02-12: Pixel apple

2017-02-12: Micky mouse

2017-02-12: Writing the script for next episode of 1-minute web design video

2017-02-12: Print the watch stand.

2017-02-11: New toy at home: Simon air

2017-02-09: Doodling

2017-02-09: My current reading list

2017-02-09: Hello Freewrite [gallery]

2017-02-08: I like this Moleskine red pocket

2017-02-08: An animated review of Linea, my new favorite sketching app http://m.imore.com/animated-review-linea-my-new-favorite-sketching-app

2017-02-08: How I organize my home screen for productivity Rules: Only one page of home screen. Daily used app must not inside folder. Hourly used app must be …

2017-02-08: Listening to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

2017-02-07: How I am using Automatic Check-in in Basecamp I like to collect thoughts. These thoughts may not be useful at the moment. I write them down so …

2017-02-06: The science of happiness

2017-02-06: Honey time

2017-02-04: The role of HTML, CSS and JavaScript

2017-02-04: Lunch time.

2017-02-04: Postcard from friend

2017-02-04: Explaining the meaning of cascading

2017-02-04: Another web layout class

2017-02-04: Thinking 💭

2017-02-03: Reading what is blockchain [embed width="480" …

2017-02-03: Standing desk I don’t have a standing desk at office. So I create this standing working environment.

2017-02-03: My jsonbin profile [jsonbin.org/makzan/pr...](https://jsonbin.org/makzan/profile)

2017-02-03: Selfie.

2017-02-03: Managing Everything in Basecamp My next book: https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/jS3iXHCwCUAXYHukoBnPDnWq

2017-02-02: Makzan.live Reading my Makzan.live feed is like reading my own diary. It shows what I was doing, thinking, …

2017-02-02: Ideas on my next worksheet features in Modern Web Design

2017-02-02: All I need are 2 apps: Basecamp and Notes Basecamp is for managing my everything. Notes app is for jotting down my ideas quick, so that I can …

2017-02-02: WorldSkills Thinking my WorldSkills 2017 teaching strategy.

2017-02-01: Nice cake. Yummy!

2017-02-01: Quarter square.

2017-02-01: Macao

2017-02-01: The web technology tower

2017-02-01: Reading: Teaching — It’s about Inspiration, Not Information https://medium.com/@tseelig/teaching-its-about-inspiration-not-information-1f64ddf019e7#.82y159xq4

2017-02-01: Doodling

2017-02-01: Watching the BFG at home

2017-02-01: Trying Linea

2017-01-31: Introducing Linea I like this app! http://blog.iconfactory.com/2017/01/introducing-linea/

2017-01-31: Basecamp Writing a post on how I manage almost everything in Basecamp.

2017-01-31: Testing Hootshuite. Testing Hootshuite.

2017-01-31: In grandma’s home.

2017-01-31: My new project

2017-01-30: Ecosystem around web technology

2017-01-30: Freewrite Just bought the FreeWrite, and wait for the June shipment. https://getfreewrite.com

2017-01-30: Freewrite - Your Distraction-Free Writing Tool. Just bought the Freewrite and waiting for the June shipment. https://getfreewrite.com/ Your …

2017-01-30: Doodling in iPhone's Notes app  

2017-01-30: Sketching the Jourla diary app idea  

2017-01-28: Doodling.

2017-01-27: Chinese New Year eve.

2017-01-27: Reading the Achievement Habit

2017-01-27: Printing the Fai Chon for the Chinese New Year

2017-01-27: 年,又過年。

2017-01-27: My tools of 2017 Here is my tools of 2017: Basecamp for managing my life’s projects. Write Journal for diary and …

2017-01-25: My latest newsletter

2017-01-25: Staying at home to take rest.

2017-01-24: Not feeling well.

2017-01-23: Getting sick. Waiting for clinic.

2017-01-23: My new todo scratch pad

2017-01-23: Time to sleep.

2017-01-23: Reading the Hitchhiker guide to the galaxy the 2nd time

2017-01-22: Yahoo 👉🏻 Altaba https://www.google.com.hk/amp/www.wsj.com/amp/articles/after-sale-marissa-mayer-to-leave-yahoo-board …

2017-01-22: Reinventing the wheel.

2017-01-22: 有書睇,有MacBook,夫復何求。

2017-01-22: Selfie.

2017-01-22: Grandma and my son

2017-01-22: What is diary. What is thought log What is diary. What is thought log? JunkDraft is a place to write down thoughts and inputs and so …

2017-01-22: They forgot the WebKit overflow scrolling

2017-01-22: Teaching mobile web design

2017-01-22: Marking Marking student’s HTML exercise submission. Nice try 👍🏻

2017-01-22: My web design training Instagram

2017-01-22: We want to place important button at the center of the end of content

2017-01-21: My 1-year-old son playing MacBook

2017-01-21: Fastmail SMTP Recently, the original Fastmail SMTP does not work anymore. I have to change the smtp URL and …

2017-01-21: Reading: Do More Better

2017-01-21: Book status Finished Do More Better. What’s next? Manage your day-to-day.

2017-01-21: Phone Drop Just drop my iPhone 7 plus jet black when pulling out from pocket. No major damage luckily.

2017-01-21: jQuery slide demo codepen.io/makzan/pe…

2017-01-21: Nice 2.5d isometric illustartion

2017-01-21: jQuery slide explained in MSPaint

2017-01-20: Web related technology

2017-01-20: Dinner before mobile web development class

2017-01-20: Preparing my worksheet for tomorrow’s jQuery course

2017-01-20: Tree at my office

2017-01-20: Distractions Haven’t use the Pomodoro technique this morning. And it turned out to be a highly distracted …

2017-01-20: Almost finish the book “How the stock market works”

2017-01-20: Timelapse of coding JunkDraft.com [wpvideo 5ikAkMch]

2017-01-20: Planning tomorrow’s jQuery class

2017-01-19: My book stand at home.

2017-01-19: Dinner time

2017-01-19: WorldSkills Macau web design first round

2017-01-19: Nice HK view in the screensaver

2017-01-19: Mental notes behavior cube Just finished my second cube. The first one was damaged due to the pain paper.

2017-01-19: Start working.

2017-01-19: Ding and my son.

2017-01-18: Design, I do.

2017-01-18: Render from data to view.

2017-01-18: Today’s read Today’s read: Do/Design.

2017-01-18: Current MacBook setup Split view with Safari on the left and my writing tool—JunkDraft—on the right.

2017-01-18: Reading: Cave Week Interesting! http://caveweek.com/

2017-01-18: The Do books series.

2017-01-17: Testing the Castaway The Castaway gem sounds promising on generating screencast with Ruby script and a recorded …

2017-01-17: 採購合作 本地中小企採購合作計劃新聞發布會大合照

2017-01-17: It was me on the stage I was on the stage sharing my company’s product.

2017-01-17: My favorite song My favorite song: N’Lars och N’Mas.

2017-01-17: Fan of light.

2017-01-17: Watch power tower

2017-01-16: Doodling Doodling in my boogie board.

2017-01-16: Update on JunkDraft Latest update of JunkDraft.com comes with an aside navigation bar. It allows quick switching …

2017-01-16: JunkDraft update Updating the JunkDraft.com with a navigator sidebar and an info panel.

2017-01-16: Disabling auto-post from WP to Twitter After trying for a morning, I disabled the auto-post from wp.com to my twitter account. That’s not …

2017-01-16: If today were the last day of my life “I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, …

2017-01-16: Move to Makzan.live I moved my live.Makzan.net to Makzan.live that hosts on Wordpress.com. Mainly because I would like …

2017-01-16: My last activity of Clear app was 1 year ago.

2017-01-16: The main reason I move to wordpress.com is the email post creation service. The main reason I move to wordpress.com is the email post creation service. But the auto-posting is …

2017-01-16: Using teleport to connect my MacBook and iMac.

2017-01-16: Testing the Wordpress publicize plugin.

2017-01-16: 16 January, 2017 11:23 Doodle from a year ago.

2017-01-08: Finished Mysteries of Modern Physics: Time.

2017-01-08: Don't read this book Finished book: “Don’t read this book—Time management for creative people”. [caption …

2017-01-07: Lunch time.

2017-01-06: Reading.

2017-01-06: 孺子可教也。

2017-01-06: Target user of Basecamp Previously, Basecamp said it is good for not only team projects but also classrooms. Now they focus …

2017-01-05: TextBlade 2 years and I’m still waiting for my text blade shippment.

2017-01-03: Do Book Bought the complete “Smart Work” collection from Do Books. (I had Do/Story already) [caption id="" …

2017-01-02: Buying foods for our lunch.

2017-01-02: Had some good progress on SheepInBox.com. Now accept form post to subscribe newsletter.

2017-01-01: Check in.

2017-01-01: Family trip today.

2017-01-01: Coffee time at home.

2017-01-01: Morning music time: Mozart.

2016-12-15: Writing my next blog post.

2016-12-15: Meeting all day.

2016-12-15: Added a Prev/Next post link to live.makzan.net.

2016-12-15: Tweaked my live.makzan.net a little bit to make it feel smoother.

2016-12-15: My latest office setup with task board and timer.

2016-12-14: My son’s playground.

2016-12-11: Improving my learning system at early morning.

2016-11-29: I switch from Moleskine to Leuchtturm1917.

2016-11-29: Working late at hotel at Copenhagen.

2016-11-23: MacBooks for a productivity flight transition.

2016-11-23: Breakfast time at Helsinki airport. 

2016-11-22: Coffee time. 

2016-11-22: Tsukemen time before flight. 

2016-11-22: Trip to EuroSkills. 

2016-11-20: After using Ulysses and Bear, I’m back to the new iA 4.0 because of its new long-waited embed …

2016-11-18: 呀仔名符其實食螺絲 😰

2016-11-18: Super busy before taking a 3 weeks trip.

2016-11-14: Just learned the story behind rebeccapurple.

2016-11-13: Sunday reading time.

2016-11-08: Introducing web technology in 2 hours.

2016-11-08: It’s not called index.html. It is called DOUBLE_CLICK_TO_VIEW.

2016-11-08: Very nice Basecamp export for offline access.

2016-11-07: Working late at home.

2016-11-07: Notes linking from a "today" note is important especially when I have a lively mind that …

2016-11-07: As solo user, Bear writer is like Dropbox paper: allows me to links my recent documents and files. …

2016-11-06: Row, column and mobile first grid.

2016-11-06: But the links between notes and file attachments are my temptation to use Bear writer.

2016-11-06: After using Bear writer for days, I decided to go back to Ulysses. It is more robust and bug free.

2016-11-04: Trying Bear Writer So far, it looks promising!

2016-11-04: V-Camera in Animate CC!

2016-11-04: Welcome to Adobe’s 2017.

2016-10-29: Got sick. Need to reschedule my 3 classes.

2016-10-28: 一時手滑。

2016-10-27: Just subscribed to 7 magazines in Zinio.

2016-10-27: Coding a image combiner for my AnA4ADay project.

2016-10-24: Having a relax trip at Zhuhai.

2016-10-21: Testing the time lapse of 360 video. Minimum 8 secs per shot.

2016-10-19: At hotel.

2016-10-19: I'm testing a productivity method: an A4 a day.

2016-10-19: The problem of new @Basecamp homepage is that I can't quick switch between bookmarks and …

2016-10-19: Web design competition in GZ.

2016-10-17: Going to GZ for 4-city web design competition.

2016-10-16: In WorldSkills 2003, we have demo section to to interact with our audiences and increase their …

2016-10-15: UI Action Flow is a useful tool in interface design.

2016-10-15: I left Basecamp classic, left BCX, left BC Personal. And now I manage my life in BC3, short or long …

2016-10-15: Today's design topic: mobile navigation. Their good vs bad.

2016-10-14: Can’t wait to get the new Basecamp update.

2016-10-13: When you have better use of the string key, you can have a more interesting data structure.

2016-10-13: The umbrella term of HTML5 and how each relates to the others.

2016-10-13: Considering to buy the Richo Theta S for my winter EuroSkills trip after they release the SC.

2016-10-13: withQRCode For any website, prepend withQRCode.com/ in the URL and you’ll have a QRCode for that link. Actually …

2016-10-13: Oktoberfest MGM.

2016-10-13: Inspirational place. New idea generated.

2016-10-13: Drawing web design patterns at the Macao Cultural Center in the quiet morning.

2016-10-13: It's a quiet morning with sea wave and birds sound.

2016-10-12: Watching TED: Brian Skerry: The ocean's glory – and horror …

2016-10-12: Watching TED Talk: Pico Iyer: Where is home? http://www.ted.com/talks/pico_iyer_where_is_home/

2016-10-11: I have done a video overlay test. What do you think? http://codepen.io/makzan/full/obmNWP/

2016-10-10: Notes, drinks with pixel art, and code. #StartUPMacau

2016-10-10: Business Model Design Kit by #fabstart #StartUPMacau

2016-10-10: Attendees are presenting their business model exercise. #StartUPMacau

2016-10-10: My first page of note on #StartUPMacau by #fabstart.

2016-10-10: StartUPMacau by Fábrica de Startup. Currently on Value proposition.

2016-10-09: Watching: What reality are you creating for yourself? // Vision, assumption and our own virtual …

2016-10-09: I’ve been waiting for TextBlade for 2 years.

2016-10-09: I use Dvorak keyboard layout.

2016-10-08: A glimpse at Service Worker.

2016-10-08: Today's class: Build progressive web for everyone.

2016-10-08: What's my son doing?

2016-10-08: Another topic last night: generic and specificity of the cascading rules.

2016-10-08: Amazing!! https://www.facebook.com/zuck/videos/10103154531425531/

2016-10-08: My lecture last night on basic CSS things.

2016-10-07: Here are my previous newsletter issues: 10 things worth sharing. …

2016-10-07: Finished writing on my next newsletter. To send out next Monday.

2016-10-07: Coding time at night.

2016-10-06: twitter.com/kryptera/…

2016-10-06: Omit optional tags: …

2016-10-06: Today's topic: When to use Canvas and SVG.

2016-10-06: Lending the JS book to my student in HTML5 class. That's digital book can't do.

2016-10-06: Consider to buy an Android, or two, to test the ServiceWorker in Chrome.

2016-10-06: Must watch: "Progressive Web Apps is the new Ajax”—by Chris Wilson …

2016-10-06: Digital Product Design is Not Graphic Design – Subform // I backed this project. http://mak.la/j8g5

2016-10-06: Samsung acquires Viv, a next-gen AI assistant built by creators of Apple's Siri. Samsung x …

2016-10-06: http://www.theverge.com/2016/10/5/13175000/samsung-galaxy-note-7-fire-replacement-plane-battery-sout …

2016-10-05: Reading: MailChimp and the Un-Silicon Valley Way to Make It as a Start-Up - NYTimes.com …

2016-10-05: I will call it Practical Canvas Effects.

2016-10-05: A course about Adobe Animate and JavaScript. Anyone want it?

2016-10-05: And I enjoy CulturedCode’s illustration.

2016-10-05: It’s always a pleasure to read CulturedCode’s blog. https://culturedcode.com/things/blog/

2016-10-04: Planning on my son's drawing pad.

2016-10-04: Reading "Break it to Make it".

2016-10-04: National holiday means I can have lunch with mom and read kindle books.

2016-10-03: I can't find this Moleskine soft cover reporter plain anywhere.

2016-10-03: Reading in a cafe.

2016-10-01: My son is reading my Moleskine notes.

2016-10-01: Any clue why the Safari has default font size to be super small? All settings seem correct.

2016-10-01: My plan on re-arranging my web design classes into a series.

2016-09-30: My ABookApart Library.

2016-09-29: Finished an HTML5 drawing lecture.

2016-09-29: Time for a quick dinner before the lecture 4 of HTML5 lecture: Canvas and rich interaction.

2016-09-29: Designing a web app for me to write web projects.

2016-09-29: Building a web app to build web projects.

2016-09-29: Cool! It's the Hunter x Hunter iOS game

2016-09-29: For the first time since iOS App Store debuts, we can buy traffic by paying Apple directly.

2016-09-29: Recently I'm playing this football game on iPhone.

2016-09-28: 十二度芝味。非常之好味! Super Yummy!

2016-09-28: It's me on the TV explaining iOS tips and tricks.

2016-09-27: Found my own book when searching for the Coca-Cola's Ahh campaign.

2016-09-27: A temporary standing desk setup at office.

2016-09-27: Reading the HTML From 5.1 to 5.2. www.w3.org/blog/2016…

2016-09-27: Watching “Don't Discard”. medium.com/@saddingt…

2016-09-27: Issue 28 is ready to send out.

2016-09-27: Finishing up my newsletter writing.

2016-09-26: Just post my Issue #27 of 10 Things Worth Sharing. …

2016-09-25: Meeting friends.

2016-09-25: A cool selfie printing station with Canon photo printer.

2016-09-25: Congratulations Joseph and Dicy!

2016-09-25: Whisky night.

2016-09-25: Whisky night.

2016-09-23: It's introduction to HTML and CSS in tonight's class.

2016-09-23: Marking my student’s HTML5 exercise.

2016-09-23: The HTML5 and Apps landscape I taught last night. [gallery size=full columns=1]

2016-09-23: Print my own book draft so I can write directly on that.

2016-09-22: 打書釘。

2016-09-22: Filing my paper documents.

2016-09-21: Listening to 3D printing seminar on metal sintering.

2016-09-21: Home construction today.

2016-09-20: PCalc has the most useful widget I have ever used in iOS.

2016-09-20: Finished first lecture of HTML5 Rich Application class.

2016-09-20: Spec, browsers, developers and end users.

2016-09-20: Reading the ARIA in HTML working draft: www.w3.org/TR/html-a…

2016-09-20: Quote from WHATWG. html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage… The WHATWG was based on several core …

2016-09-20: Can’t find the reporter plain softcover in any Moleskine store. Is it discontinued?

2016-09-19: Coding my own book theme for Ulysses PDF exporting.

2016-09-19: The super busy month starts.

2016-09-18: Coding time.

2016-09-17: Basecamp allows me to pause a project and resume it at any moment: latest files, WIP stuffs, …

2016-09-17: After trying several ways to store my important misc personal files, finally I nailed it to …

2016-09-17: Finished the React class. Here is an example of Weather component.

2016-09-17: Teaching CSS button effect in my web design class.

2016-09-16: Can’t wait to use my AirPod on Mac for dictation input.

2016-09-16: Preparing the React and Web Design class.

2016-09-16: Super yummy pineapple cheese cake.

2016-09-16: Having a regular check on my Macbook.

2016-09-16: Reading: Why Silicon Valley is all wrong about Apple’s AirPods. …

2016-09-16: Reading "First impressions of React". …

2016-09-15: Cupcake time for the moon festival.  

2016-09-15: I'm addicted to booklet format. I can feel the the joyful of reading my own text.

2016-09-15: Making a draft booklet for my upcoming writings.

2016-09-15: App’s update time on iOS 10’s public release day.

2016-09-14: Lunch time.

2016-09-14: Reading the Basecamp September newsletter on using it as a personal task management tool.

2016-09-14: Mooncake time.

2016-09-14: Thirteen years ago.

2016-09-13: My son, color filter by Popsicolor.

2016-09-13: "HTML is not a presentational markup language, it is a semantic one." From: …

2016-09-13: When cross fading audio tracks, avoid using linear. It creates a short period of volume drop in the …

2016-09-13: Video editing time.

2016-09-13: Writing my next lecture note for HTML5 course.

2016-09-13: Learn how the stock works every morning.

2016-09-13: It's me on local television, sharing tips and tricks on using smartphone.

2016-09-12: This is how I record my everyday’s working into a timelapse video.

2016-09-12: Finally got some time to read the #15 of OffScreen magazine.

2016-09-12: Writing my next newsletter in iPad.

2016-09-12: My upcoming note-taking app that replaces the retired Vesper.

2016-09-12: Played tennis yesterday with my web design students.

2016-09-12: Crazy level of Inks.

2016-09-11: A Macao website that uses margin for parallax effect for 7 large PNGs.

2016-09-11: The “Automatically hide and show menu bar” in macOS lets me use hot corner in full-screen window, so …

2016-09-11: Just notice the iOS simulator shares the same battery status of the host macOS.

2016-09-11: Ramen time.

2016-09-11: Writing drafts.

2016-09-11: Coding time. [gallery size=full columns=1]

2016-09-10: Reading how higher-order components will replace mixins: Mixins Are Dead. Long Live Composition …

2016-09-10: Finished my 2nd lecture of "Think in React".

2016-09-10: I used to write short book, or record screencast to teach. They require lots of effort every week. …

2016-09-10: Printing out the handout for my React class this afternoon.

2016-09-10: @siracusa hey, did you notice the iPhone 7 Wallpaper colours were iMac colours? …

2016-09-10: OhShitGit.com is the go-to website when you have an “Oh Shit!” moment while using git. …

2016-09-09: Testing to work more on my iPad Pro. Till now my iPad Pro is mainly an entertainment device.

2016-09-09: Reading the Vimeo Player API and compare it to Wistia player API. https://github.com/vimeo/player.js

2016-09-09: Customization on vimeo Vimeo or Wistia for my video hosting, embedding and customization with API? That’s not a easy …

2016-09-09: Timelapse of working at 2016-09-09 morning

2016-09-09: Rainy day and lunch gathering cancelled. So having lunch at office to work on my projects.

2016-09-09: Marking an exercise on HTML5 tag.

2016-09-09: 娜菲月餅,正!

2016-09-09: A rough idea on goal oriented daily tasks planning.

2016-09-09: Pixel art style of my avatar.

2016-09-09: Simple is actually the natural state of things I believe simple is actually the natural state of things. It’s simple until you make it complicated. …

2016-09-09: Quote of the day

2016-09-09: This game is fun to play. You create an art while playing pin ball.

2016-09-09: Recently I write with pen and paper, using the reporter style of Moleskine.

2016-09-08: How could this happen? Hope the driver is safe.

2016-09-08: The deck I read every day on designing product better.

2016-09-08: The deck I read every day on designing product better.

2016-09-08: Writing on iPad Pro.

2016-09-08: Reading Tips For The Pragmatic Unity Developer Nice tips from Pietro Polsinelli on tips For The Pragmatic Unity Developer. …

2016-09-08: For the first time, pre-release app on App Store with alert Pre-release app could get an alert no App Store. And obviously only for those big titles currently. …

2016-09-08: Just setup the WP-to-Twitter plugin to auto-post my daily activity from live.makzan.net to twitter …

2016-09-08: Coffee time.

2016-09-08: 15 minutes An idea to log what’s doing every 15 minutes.

2016-09-08: lunch time at office.

2016-09-08: It’s me working at Office It’s me working at Office.

2016-05-04: Planning a trip to Taipei on August, September.

2016-05-03: Trying 2 new tools: Figma... Trying 2 new tools: Figma to draw vector art for my wifi’s product and Trint to create transcript …

2016-05-03: Reading: This is how Apple rolls.

2016-05-02: Reading Men, Don’t Fear the Rose-Gold iPhone while thinking whether I should buy the rose gold …

2016-05-02: Working on the section 4 of HTML5 game development screencast Working on the section 4 of HTML5 game development screencast.

2016-05-02: Reading: Thoughts After JuiceBox Games Reading: Thoughts After JuiceBox Games. Our company essentially bet itself on each game launch. Game …

2016-05-02: Reading: Comment on Dropbox Infinite Reading: Comment on Dropbox Infinite: This feature is implemented at a low level, and works on the …

2016-05-02: Reading: Why successful people spend 10 hours a week just thinking Reading: Why successful people spend 10 hours a week just thinking

2016-04-27: Reading: This is how Apple rolls. 

2016-04-27: Reading: Live your dash, by... Reading: Live your dash, by Linda Ellis.

2016-04-27: Cutting a 3:30 video for navicake.

2016-04-26: Reading: A Rolex-sized flop. Interesting context.

2016-04-26: Reading Design as Art by... Reading Design as Art by Bruno Munair.

2016-04-26: Reading: Website Navigation Best Practices... Reading: Website Navigation Best Practices To Follow

2016-04-26: Blogo doesn’t earn my trust.... Blogo doesn’t earn my trust. Reverting back to wordpress’s web content editor.

2016-04-26: Pre-paid Sim Card wiki Reading: Pre-paid Sim Card wiki. The data sim dictionary for every country.

2016-04-26: Testing Blogo in iOS. Testing to write post in Blogo for iOS. To see if it works.

2016-04-26: Testing Blogo v3 I knew Blogo since it’s early verison. But it’s UI was often buggy that I didn’t get used to the …

2016-04-26: Hello Highrise again This week I re-pick up the Highrise CRM tool. It turns out that I need to give 2nd try on softwares …

2016-03-16: Bullet Journal I’m trying the analog way to manage my life in this digital age. bulletjournal.com

2016-02-28: Playing the Thumb Drift game.

2016-02-27: Drawing a storyboard for a screencast.

2016-02-26: Reading Offscreen Issue 13.

2016-02-26: Issue 4 of my 10 Things Worth Sharing is ready. Deliver this afternoon. Sign-up at …

2016-02-26: If the next iPad Air becomes part of the iPad Pro family, but a smaller screen. I’ll buy it …

2016-02-25: Finally I need Final Cut Pro to edit my screencast. Need motion preset and green keying.

2016-02-24: Writing script of HTML5 game dev screencast.

2016-02-24: Adding bricks.js to Log.md. [caption width=“3024” align=“aligncenter”] …

2016-02-24: Testing the Blogo app to post my live update from mobile.

2016-02-23: Reading: Firebase Structuring Data. …

2016-02-22: I’m still fine tuning my workflow. Currently testing setup: Files with tags in OSX + Quip for all …

2016-02-19: Have been thinking how a team works together more frictionless.

2016-02-17: Reading Offscreen magazine. Another inspiration mint with issue 13.

2016-02-17: 2 Dropbox Paper tips: Use #tag to create auto tag search link. Search doesn’t search documents without folders.

2016-02-17: Reading: Reedsy http://publishingperspectives.com/2016/02/reedsy-expands-to-serve-publishers/#.VsQTS8f4Nug Reading: Reedsy publishingperspectives.com/2016/02/r…

2016-02-17: Happily writing in Dropbox Paper. Happily writing in Dropbox Paper.

2016-02-15: Tonight’s playlist.

2016-02-15: Opening a 4-year-old mind map.

2016-02-15: Reading: CSS Link in body. You need to take care when using layout systems where content dictates …

2016-02-15: That’s the WTF moment you… That’s the WTF moment you will absolutely shout out. [embed height=“315” …

2016-02-14: It’s our 12th Anniversary today. Thanks my wife for everything.

2016-02-14: Finished writing the script of section 5 for my 2nd-edition of HTML5 Game Development Video.

2016-02-14: Some random drawings.

2016-02-12: Teaching HTML5 video and audio.

2016-02-12: Having an #idea of creating overlay hotspot for my video screencast, which provides more …

2016-02-12: Fine-tuning the auto-sharing from Wordpress to Twitter / Facebook page.

2016-02-12: It’s time to update my Beginning jQuery email course.

2016-02-12: Testing to write my live stream in Blogo.

2016-02-11: 👍🏻 Watching “What makes a... 👍🏻 Watching “What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness” …

2016-02-11: Drawing with Notability and Affinity Designer.

2016-02-11: Finishing section 5 of HTML5 Game Dev Video.

2016-02-11: Learning about the Storyspace software.

2016-02-11: Done editing the 2nd issue of 10 Things Worth Sharing.

2016-02-10: Finishing my “Why I write in BBEdit and HTML” writing.  

2016-02-10: Reading the explanation of Public key infrastructure. …

2016-02-10: Reading: How Successful People Think Differently. medium.com/life-lear…

2016-02-10: Watching: Animation Jam with Moltenink. www.twitch.tv/adobe

2016-02-09: I’m writing the 2nd edition... I’m writing the 2nd edition of HTML5 Game Development video course, which uses Adobe Flash. It’s …

2016-02-09: I can’t express how long... I can’t express how long I have been waiting for the Adobe to make Flash focus back as an animation …

2016-02-09: Reading: Re-thinking reading on the... Reading: Re-thinking reading on the Web — Truth Labs medium.com/truth-lab…

2016-02-08: It’s Chinese New Year. I’m taking rest with my family. Meanwhile, I’m finishing the “Why I write in …

2016-02-07: Reading Justin’s /now movement call,... Reading Justin’s /now movement call, which was original by Sivers. Going to make a /now page for …

2016-02-07: #to-watch TED: A delightful way... #to-watch TED: A delightful way to teach kids about computers, by Linda Liukas

2016-02-06: Reading the timestripe.com. Brilliant idea... Reading the timestripe.com. Brilliant idea to remind us not to waste any time.

2016-02-06: I’m working on the log.md.... I’m working on the log.md. Improving the header, footer by using Flexbox and touch overflow …

2016-02-06: Having haircut. New style for Chinese New Year.

2016-02-06: Writing an essay on why... Writing an essay on why I write in HTML and don’t write markdown now.

2016-02-06: This is how I collect... This is how I collect my “10 Things Worth Sharing” links for sharing each Friday. #10tws

2016-02-06: Reading: JavaScript Modules: A Beginner’s... Reading: JavaScript Modules: A Beginner’s Guide medium.freecodecamp.com/javascrip…

2016-02-06: Playing ultimate briefcase.

2016-02-05: Writing there 2nd issue of... Writing the 2nd issue of “10 Things Worth Sharing”. It will be delivered next Friday.

2016-02-05: Finished another canvas drawing lesson. Finished another canvas drawing lesson.

2016-02-05: Clip down for reference. “asynchronous... Clip down for reference. “asynchronous most of the time, context all the time”. Our secret to …

2016-02-05: My first post of “10… My first post of “10 Things Worth Sharing” delivered. Exclusively for my email list readers.

2016-02-05: Reading “Ugly sketches are better”.... Reading “Ugly sketches are better”. Beautiful sketches have no place in the design process.

2016-02-05: Writing the 50% Off exclusive... Writing the 50% Off exclusive code for my #html5-game development video course.

2016-02-05: Fixing a position bug in Log.md. Things doesn’t render correctly when position is fixed.

2016-02-05: Learning the Element.getBoundingClientRect() method, for getting mouse position within canvas.  …

2016-02-05: And I can post #tag... And I can post #tag here. So it will be my public steam that I #tag different projects, showing the …

2016-02-05: I’m building this live stream so that I can post what I’m working on. And thus the behind-the-scene …

2016-02-05: Hi there, this is the... Hi there, this is the live stream of Makzan. It shows what I’m reading / listening / hacking / …