I have a myself-only slack workspace to log down all the encounters and thoughts every day. So that I can focus on current task without distractions and I can review all the logs at the end of the day to keep those important logs and discard the noises.

First time my micro.blog only imported posts fro 2016. Now I’m importing Wordpress post from 2017 to 2020. At the same time, I’m exporting my 2010–2015 posts from tumblr. Hopefully can import into here successfully.

To Explore Chunk-size Knowledge For My Teaching Material Creation

What if I make every bit of information for my teaching lessons into chunk-size knowledge. It both benefits the creators and the audiences. I can create them without much stress every day. And my audiences can digest them easier. By grouping the 1 minute videos and description text together, the chunks are then grouped into series and collections as a whole course.

1 Minute Of Lesson Learnt Every Day

I had an idea of “a minute a week, learn web design a bit” project which I paused. And this micro-cast chance may encourage me to activate the project again to post chunk-size media online. First step is to have one minute lesson learnt very day here in my micro blog.

Reading Profit First, on doing one thing well.

Your time is valuable. You can make more money by focusing on one thing and doing it well, instead of trying to do many things, none of them well.

Reading Profit First

The easiest way to increase profit is to cut expenses, not sell more. Take a look at all your yearly expenses and cut them by 10 percent. Cancel everything you don’t need to run efficiently and keep your customers happy. Then negotiate every remaining expense, except payroll.

Reading Profit First.

The first step is to use the new accounting formula, sales minus profit equals expense.