How I am using Automatic Check-in in Basecamp

I like to collect thoughts. These thoughts may not be useful at the moment. I write them down so some day later, these random thoughts may connect to each other to create a full circle of idea.

I used to use Docs and Files to collect these kind of input. The files, however, get messy and difficult to organized when the files count grows. And since most of the input are so random, actually I don’t have specific file that I should look into when I am looking for inspiration thought my past mind.

Having all the daily random thoughts separated in Docs & Files and Folders make accessing them and reading them difficult, until I found that Audomatic Checkin fit this usage.

“It creates a timeline of my mind. ”
The Autmatic Check-in is like a feed of information ordered by date. So every day, when I type, I put the text input into this “feed”. And when I review my previous ideas, Ivan just scroll and read my mind from the latest date to the very early date. It creates a timeline of my mind.